About Us

Our Story

My Story is related to all those women’s out there who are not able to work after marriage even after having the highest education background.The sacrifices which a women has to go through taking care of her family.
Name : Reena Sujai
Ex Profession : Software Engineer
Current Profession : Entrepreneur.
Brand Name : Hastavem.
Instagram : hastavem , reenasujai

15th August 2016

My 2 year old son kicking me from outside , My 7 months baby was kicking me from Womb.Dear husband pestering me for Name of our startup. Everything happening at same time and i Exclaimed.’Hastavem’!!! Stands for Handloom in Sanskrit.That’s the name of our startup.Hastavem was born on 15 August 2016.

The Idea
Some Interesting Conversation we had with people when discussing this startup.
Q : What if you can see the future and realize hastavem is not going to make any profit ? will you stop it right away?
A : If i can see in future that my child is not going to take care of us, that doesnt mean i will stop taking care of it. hastavem is like my own child. profit or loss we will continue building the brand.
Q : Why only handloom and art ? why not any western franchise ?
A : India is so rich in handloom and art , that it will take a decade to just touch the tip of iceberg.
Our Road Map for Hastavem is very clear.
Motivation : As an employee , there is 3-6 months of maternity leave , but as an entrepreneur , i was back to office the next day of delivery

About Me

I was born and brought up in Mumbai , raised as a devoted Roman Catholic with very rich Tamil Traditional Values.I completed my engineering and joined iGate as a software engineer in 2010.Got Married in 2013 to sujai, A project manager with TCS. Due to to my first delivery i had to quit my job in 2014.

2015 I was ready to join office but due to unavoidable family commitment couldn’t join back.I felt that my engineering degree was wasted if i don’t join back.This disturbed me mentally.I could never make it back to the industry.

I Always had passion collecting Handloom saris and traditional artifacts.2016 when smriti irani set twitter ablaze with #iwearhandloom hash tag ,i felt even i should contribute and make a difference.My husband pitched in the idea to launch a Brand which will promote handloom for next 100 years.